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Cover Reveal for Tina Hammond!!!

Blind Rage: Team Red, Book 4 -- BLURB:

Fifteen months ago, an accident left Teresa March scarred and completely blind. Having chosen David after a lively Siege to win her love, Teresa was stunned by his admission, and subsequent desertion, on Christmas Eve.

Bastian Declan, David’s business partner and Teresa’s childhood friend, has loved Teresa for years. He wastes no time seizing this new opportunity to finally win her heart.

While David is stuck in Boston hoping to resolve the conflict and restore his relationship with Teresa, PreClan’s top-secret surveillance system is at a critical stage. Tension is high, and the house is full of very capable guards, after another foiled attempt to steal the technology. Teresa, vacillating between hurt at David’s deception, and wonder at Bastian’s potential, doesn’t fully appreciate the danger.

Teresa’s service dog, Red, is smart, opinionated, handsome, and can talk. Well, at least to Teresa anyway. Understandably excited by all the activity, will his vigilance and unique bond with Teresa be enough to keep her safe?

BLIND RAGE picks up where Blind Faith (book three) left off. While Bastian patiently shows Teresa he can be the partner she needs, they both want closure regarding her relationship with David. Will Teresa choose to forgive David, or will she open herself up to the possibility of a more tumultuous love?


Blind Rage will have you gasping in shock, sad with empathy, and Laughing-Out-Loud (literally- some readers caution you should not eat or drink while reading, or you will be spewing food/liquids when you get to the funny parts... err, which make up a large portions of the book). This version of the series is INTENDED FOR MATURE ADULTS OVER 18. Contains graphic sexual content, and swearing, which is unfortunate as the dog repeats everything.


Smothering a yawn with the back of my hand, I reached for my coffee mug only to growl in irritation; it was just as empty as when I’d checked it fifteen minutes ago. I was still glaring at the cup in my hand when the back-passenger door opened beside me. My irritation must have still been evident, as Frost mumbled, “Uh, oh,” before slamming the door shut again.

A moment later, the opposite door cracked open, slowly. What? Was I a wild beast he felt he had to approach cautiously? The scent of coffee reached me before I registered Frost speaking. “Huh?”

He repeated, “Fritz’ coffee. Lukewarm. Takes it black, like you do. Left it unattended in t’ other vehicle. Fair game, right?”

I had no pride, and without hesitation, reached for the pilfered coffee with a groan of appreciation. “You are now, officially, my favorite guard,” I said solemnly.

Frost snorted. “Yeah, ‘til the next guy commits a crime to place a cup in your shaking hands,” he laughed. I sighed, wanting to protest but it was probably true. “Ole Rin Tin Tin there’s jus’ ‘bout done hamming for Russ. Prob’ly five minutes ‘til show time. Gonna tell me what’s really goin’ on?”

Bas and I had a pretty good idea Frost suspected Red and I had additional shared abilities. He didn’t talk much, but he was very observant. “You’re right. There’s more to this thing between Red and me; but truly Frost, you won’t believe it unless we show you.”

Frost was silent for only a moment, before he answered, “Believe, if you told me.”

I weighed his words, and decided he’d already committed misdemeanor coffee theft for me, that alone was deserving of a show of faith...


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For the Love of Gracie is FREE!!! Last FREE day May 2nd!!!

***Warning: 18+ Contains Adult language, Sexual Situations, Some Episodes of Violence*****This book will be part of a New Adult Series, Each book will have an ending though, no Cliffhangers! They will all be New Adult and have similar themes with crossover characters***

Gracie Walker doesn't have much luck with finding Prince Charming. Hudson James enters her life, the bad boy who gives her a reason to hope that he is Mr. Right. Gracie's problem is, she doesn’t fall for the right guys. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee where the nightlife is always hopping. She spends her days in college and her nights hanging out with her closest friends at local bars. Her best friend Cameron is her rock. Cameron introduces his friend Ashton into Gracie's life and it changes everything. Ashton manages to make her fall head over heels for him, without even knowing it. He's the perfect guy. He's sweet, charming, funny, and unbelievably gorgeous. They have so much in common, including the fact that they are both attracted to men. Gracie is determined to make things work with Hudson and forget her feelings for Ashton. That's easier said than done. An event happens and it changes her life forever. Cameron struggles with his inability to protect Gracie from her own choices in life. Ashton blames himself for not noticing the signs. Who will be the one to pick her up when she falls? Will Gracie be able to have a normal life? What lengths will someone go to…For the Love of Gracie?

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