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Title: Sweetest Mistake
Author: Amy Olle
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: A Nolan Brothers Novel, Book 2
Release Date: April 16, 2016
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When these two opposites attract, mistakes will be made. Lots of mistakes. Big, long, hard mistakes. Over and over, and over again…

When Emily Cole’s suitcase explodes on a crowded airport baggage claim in her new hometown, sexy cop Luke Nolan is the first to pick up her most intimate items, including her 7.5-inch, 20-speed, hot pink battery-operated-boyfriend!

In town to run the Winslow Inn on the picturesque island in Lake Michigan, Emily is determined to put her bed-and-breakfast in the small town's spotlight—while also keeping herself well out of it. But her sexy nemesis is bent on getting her into trouble, and when her impulsive retaliation to his teasing lands her in the local jail, Emily is ready to shove her tormentor into the lake… or the nearest bed.

Luke has one job—to keep the quiet, sleepy island town quiet and sleepy. No drama. No surprises. No tragedies. Never again. But the strawberry-blonde with the porn star mouth and interesting luggage turns his life upside down from the moment she sets foot on the island, and what began as a distraction from his memories of That Day, quickly turns into something more. Trouble is, Luke doesn’t want more with Emily—she’s not his type. She’s the opposite of his type. Until his brother Noah’s wedding, when bridesmaid Emily shows up with a sexy new look and their sweet tease escalates to a scorching hot hook-up that makes him forget why he was resisting the shy stutterer in the first place.

Getting involved with her would be a huge mistake, though it just might turn out to be the sweetest mistake of his life.

Luke Nolan is charming, sexy, funny, stubborn, and frustrating as hell! It's easy to see what Emily sees in him. Their meeting in the airport where he picks up BOB was probably every woman's nightmare, anyone who's had a BOB that is. I read book one and was happy to see the follow up from that in this book, but you can definitely read this as a stand alone without being lost. I do recommend reading book 1 as well though to truly get the full effect of Noah's charm. The Nolan boys are trouble, in the way that they will capture your heart in a minute and take you on a wild ride. My heart tugged for Emily with her struggle over her stuttering. I have a slight lisp and a heavy amount of social anxiety. The times she was faced with talking before a crowd I could feel that chest pain, the grip of terror, the shakiness and nausea; everything that makes you want to run away and never turn back to face those people again. Both Emily and Luke have a backstory that will make you need tissues, so have them handy. I'm looking forward to more from this author! I'm hoping we get a book about Shea, or Jack next.

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Beautiful Ruin
Book 1
Amy Olle writes sexy contemporary romances filled with hope, heart, and humor. Her debut novel, Beautiful Ruin, is the first book in the Nolan Brothers series about five Irish-born brothers sent as children to live with family on a remote island in northern Michigan. She is delighted to put her Psychology degrees to good use writing romance.

Amy lives in Michigan with her long-suffering husband, brilliant son, and (female) turtle named George.

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