Monday, May 16, 2016

Character Interview

What is your name Mitchell Davis

How much pride do you take in your appearance? Some would say too much. They may even say I have an ego which is wa…ok it's true. I have a bit of an ego. It's not that I really think that highly of myself and that everyone wants me, it's something I do as a way to entertain. It makes my friends laugh and tends to lighten the mood when things get dramatic. In our lives, drama happens often.

Who has been your greatest influence (parent, friend, idol)? Why? Quinn. He's become like a brother to me. We bonded after what happened between us. He gave me a new view on life, made me realize the things that are the most important to me. I grew up as an only child and never had an older brother to teach me things or keep me from making huge mistakes. Quinn has been a mentor for me in more ways than one.

What, if anything, do you do to keep fit and healthy? Once my alarm goes off in the morning I jump out of bed and do fifty push-ups. I'd like to be able to say I eat healthy, but the truth is I eat like a pig. I am a growing teenage boy after all.  In one sitting I could finish two cheeseburgers, a large fry and two pieces of pie and still be hungry…I've done it before. At night I like to take a quick run to work off the food I ate throughout the day.

How would you spend an unexpected day off? Laser Tag with my friend Parker. We went once and it was the best day. There is nothing like strapping on those vests and taking out frustration by shooting things. We came up with each other's nicknames that way too. She calls me Fangs and I call her Lupita.

What is your relationship status at the start of the story? Happily involved with the girl I've been in love with since I saw her on the first day of kindergarten. Her name is Jackie Martin. We've been together for two years when the story begins.

How do you feel about being the center of attention? Like I mentioned before, I sort of have an ego. Being the center of attention is awesome for me…well, it used to be at least. Now, based on my recent life change, I have a new urge to blend in so that my secret isn't discovered.

What makes you blush? The only person who has ever made me blush is Jackie Martin. We make a game out of it actually. We like to see who can make the other blush quicker by whispering things during class. Someone she ends up winning by making me blush more, it's one of the many reasons I love that girl.

Have you undergone any dramatic physical transformations in your life? Yeah. You could say that. My life took a turn I never would have expected in a million years. If I could travel into the future and see where I'd be today, I still wouldn't have believed it enough to have changed it.

What would you like your life to look like in twenty years? Nice house with Jackie and a few kids of our own. Quinn and Parker would be our closest couple friends and our kids would all hang out together. I want the normal life. I never thought I wanted that before. My dreams used to be to play pro-basketball with my hot wife Jackie next to me as we traveled the world with our riches. Now I want to have a calm family life.

What is the driving force / motivation in your life? My friends. They've become my family lately. My parents have been at odds with each other so family life has been strained. Now that I have Quinn, Parker, and Jackie keeping me busy, things have been much better. They keep me moving forward.

What was your first impression of the hero(ine)? My first impression of Parker was that she was shy and a loner. She'd been Jackie's best friend for years but once Jackie and I started dating they barely saw each other. I thought Parker resented me for causing the distance between them.

How accurate was this first impression? Parker is shy, but she aches for companionship. With her secret, that she's a werewolf, it's hard to make friends or be around people in general. Parker never resented me for taking Jackie away, in fact I think she was grateful that I took the attention away from her a little so it made it less difficult to keep that secret. In truth she's a strong, caring, loyal friend and we're lucky she's let us into her life now.

What revelation surprised you most about him/her? The whole werewolf thing threw me for a loop with Parker. I never even knew werewolves existed and then I find out that someone I've known most of my life has been turned into one. It's a lot to deal with.

How would you define the word ‘love’? I'm a bit of a romantic, as a jock I get grief for having a girlfriend for so long. The guys think I should be out 'playing the field,' but I'm not interested in that. Love is about caring for someone more than you care for yourself. It's about being selfless, putting your life on the line if needed.  Love sneaks up on you when you least expect it and many times when you aren't looking for it. Love is what life is about, whether it's through friendship or romantic love, it's what makes life worth living.  

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