Monday, June 13, 2016

Dreams, Spells, & Moonlit Tales (The Parker Harris Series Book #2)

Parker Harris desires a normal life, but it's just not in the cards for her. Parker is a werewolf. She has been for three years now. It's the summer after she graduated high school and she is preparing for college. If only grades and college classes were her only worries. Parker and Jackie are trying to mend their fractured friendship after Jackie's betrayal. Jackie and Mitchell are working on their relationship, fighting jealousy and trust issues of their own. Quinn, a vampire, is the love of Parker's life. He begins to look into his family's past and what he finds is not pretty. In fact, it could mean the end for his relationship with Parker. A mistake from Parker's past is revealed and proves to be more enormous than she realized.Dreams--Parker is having dreams and visions of Will. She can't decipher real from illusion it seems.Spells--Charisma, a new friend to the group, brings magic into the fold. Moonlit Tales--it seems that the full moon is not only a time for Parker to feel the pain of shifting. It's also a time for unexplained occurrences and secrets being revealed. Can Parker and Quinn's love survive the obstacles they encounter? Is Jackie trustworthy? Are Parker's feelings for Mitchell becoming too strong for her to ignore? Dreams, Spells, and Moonlit Tales summarize the events of Parker's life in this book.


For a moment, I tried to focus on my body and determine if I felt any pain, "My head hurts a little but other than that I am okay," I realized I was naked from shifting and curled into a ball to try and cover myself somewhat. "What's going on Mitch?" I asked feeling a bit exposed at the moment.  His face showed only concern as he kept checking me over and said, "You didn’t come home this morning so we went looking for you.  Do you remember what happened last night?"  I shook my head, "No, well…a little. Will was chasing me, I tried to outrun him, but he was too fast.  When he caught up to me, we fought."
He kissed my forehead and wrapped a towel over me, "You were covered in blood when I found you."

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