Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Still You (Trade Me Collection) - Releasing Feb 11th

A short excerpt.... 

The low hum of a weed eater caught my attention so I strolled over the window to check on the gardener. My breath caught in my throat as I took in his appearance. When he came into the house he’d been in a button-down shirt tucked into jeans with his hair slicked back in a businesslike manner. The summer heat of Nashville was at a miserable ninety-eight with a heat index of 106, so he’d stripped out of the shirt, leaving only a white tank that now stuck to his skin with sweat. His slicked-back blond hair had fallen around his face as the sweat loosened whatever product he’d used. Pausing momentarily, he swiped his thick forearm across his brow, removing as much sweat as he could. My cock strained against my pants while I admired his form. Watching him grab a do-rag from his back pocket and dab it across his forehead before wrapping it around his hair, all I could think of it was using it to tie his hands to the bed while I had my way with him.

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Published by Hot Tree Publishing. Check out their website for more of the Trade Me Collection as well as other books of mine, and several other Amazing Authors! 


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