Monday, August 14, 2017

"My favorite in the Thin Red Lines series."
Title: Beautiful Torment
Author: Gen Ryan
Series: Thin Red Lines #3 (Standalone)
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Thriller, Crime
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Desiree Garcia always runs from her problems. But escaping memories and tragedy is impossible, no matter the distance. When her last FBI case pushes Desiree to her limits, she knows it’s time to move once more. This time, she heads back home and returns to her family and to her best friend she abandoned so long ago.

Hunter Collins was there for Desiree from the day they met at just twelve years old. He stood by her and waited for her, even when she joined the FBI, leaving him and all she loved behind. Now she’s back, he’s determined to not let her go again.

When faced with a police case that she can’t say no to, Desiree and Hunter navigate through the investigation as she faces the horrors of her past. As they struggle to solve the case, it’s up to Hunter to keep her tethered.

Will love and friendship be enough to save Desiree from herself and all that is tormenting her?

5 Stars

There are no words...which is pretty much how every book of this series has left me. Speechless. Amazingly, each book gets better than the last, and the first one was awesome! I'm not sure what word outdoes awesome, but I need two of them. This author has quickly become a must read author for me. If I heard she wrote the ingredients on a can of biscuits I'd probably buy it to see what twist was included. Normally when I start a book I usually figure out pretty early on what the story will be, the way everything will go, and how the ending wraps up. With this series there are surprises lurking in the shadows waiting to grab you. The way she writes the emotions of the characters really brings you into the story. Great character development, an amazing plot line, wonderful love story weaved throughout, and a high creep factor. If you haven't bought the book yet...what the heck are you waiting for?? Grab the whole series, start from the beginning, and enjoy the creepy, toe-tingling, mind-boggling, yet romantically charged, leave-the-light-on, kind of stories that throw your emotions into bi-polar mode.
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You can find Genevieve curled up reading paranormal romance and romantic thrillers, or frantically typing her stories on her laptop.

Psychology is her trade by day, teaching and molding the minds of college students. Her interest in psychology can be seen in her books, each including many psychological undertones. Although she loves teaching, her passion, her true love, lies in the stories that roam around in her head. Yes, they all come from her mind-the good, the bad, and the totally insane. 

She lives in Massachusetts-no, not Boston-with her husband, daughter, and American Eskimo dog. With each story, she shares, she hopes her love for writing and storytelling seeps through, encompassing the reader and leaving them wanting more.

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